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And Man Spoke...

The "Truth" is very hard to dissect. The "Truth" today is hard to separate from a lie. Most commentators on the right will say that we've become morally bankrupt, but I disagree. We are not a morally bankrupt society, we have become amoral. Truth is no longer absolute; truth is now seen with viewer discretion. The "I AM" has been taken out of God, and the "I am" has been put in man. "And man saw his creation, and he saw that it was good.

With the left as its primary congregation and the left leaning media as its evangelist, Secular Humanism, could be the fastest growing religion. Why not? If you as an individual dictate truth, and never have any accountability, how could one ever be wrong? The sky can be orange, as long as I don't offend your right to think the sky is blue.

As a conservative, it's only natural to see Secular Humanism intoxicate the left, but in all honesty, it is infecting the right as well. You don't have to look very far to point out examples of Republican fear, synchronism in the church, and all out pandering to those who might disagree. People say conservatives are intolerant. Being a conservative these days is all about tolerance--It's about how much you can tolerate before you compromise.

With the myth that truth is always in the middle, fair and balanced, political correctness has become the fulcrum to the balance and the scales. Political correctness is self serving though, when it is administered. It is only as good or fair as the person applying it is, and since there no accountability to an absolute truth, then the person gets to pick what is right or wrong.
Tolerance is not intolerant. Secular Humanism, the religion of most of the left, is intolerant of the "Truth."

Iowa Caucuses

Last night we had our caucuses. Congressman Tancredo came and I had the opportunity to visit with him. I asked him if he's running for President. He laughed, and I said, "Well, you know, I got a christmas card from Governor Pataki, so, you know...that might just sway me!" and we laughed. He said to his staff, "Make sure she gets on the list next year!" We all had a good chuckle. So, even though I didn't get an answer, he has been here more than twice in the last 6 months. Hmmmmm.

"Hillary Clinton Can Kiss My Butt"

Okay, 3 guesses which conservative said this. Guess what? It wasn't a conservative but our favorite left-leaning Hollywood Activist, Tim Robbins. I personally loved Robbins in "Shawshank Redemption" but other than that his activism has gotten pretty loony.

Apparently he was on Air America this morning. I guess he is upset with Hillary for pretending to be a moderate by saying certain things about the war. So among his comments he said "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt...". That just made my day and I got a good laugh out of it.

I also read today that Hillary may be getting some competition from the green party in '08. If you're a democrat it is quite the dilemma. Either appease the Michael Moores of the world by being a leftist loony or try pretending to be a centrist and get competition from the green party. What is a liberal democrat to do?